book III: chapter 21-23

Now if out of joy in their beauty they thought them gods, let them know how far more excellent is the Lord than these; for the original source of beauty fashioned them. Or if they were struck by their might and energy, let them from these things realize how much more powerful is he who made them. For from the greatness and the beauty of created things their original author, by analogy, is seen.” (Wisdom 13:3-5)

The Truth About Beauty

The attributes of the physique
And talents are riches that blind;
The lowered eyes will not critique,
And curbed desires will not bind.

All beauty has its source in God,
And we are stewards of God’s gifts;
Human esteem is vainly flawed,
And pride engenders jealous rifts.

She strives to see each soul’s beauty —
The Lord’s presence imbued within;
Her view reflects reality,
And curbs a vain perception’s sin.

Each person is a sacred place
Wherein the Spirit dwells by grace.

May the Lord open our eyes to the true beauty of each soul we meet.

(c) Paul Buis, 2003