book I: chapter 9

A leper came to him (and kneeling down) begged him and said, ‘If you wish, you can make me clean.’ Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand, touched him, and said to him, ‘I do will it. Be made clean.’ The leprosy left him immediately, and he was made clean. Then, warning him sternly, he dismissed him at once. Then he said to him, ‘See that you tell no one anything, but go, show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing what Moses prescribed; that will be proof for them.’” (Mark 1:40-42)


Her burdened heart can barely budge:
Bound by the twine of her desire;
Set in her sin of slimy sludge;
Gagged by the stench of her quagmire.

The beauty of a soul in grace,
Freed from the burden of its sin,
Yields light which darkness can’t efface —
Reflecting heaven from within.

Privation will soon purify
The soul surrendered to the cross;
What sin would smear and putrefy,
The night transforms to gold from dross.

From depths of mire, she looks above:
Forsaking desire; finding love.

May the Divine Physician cleanse our hearts with the healing power of His merciful love.

(c) Paul Buis, 2003